Murdah Mindstate - CrazyMF-C

Debut mixtape from Lifeless Immortal's own, CrazyMF-C while incarcerated. Hosted by DJ Vietnam. Crazy makes his mark with being the first Immortal Soulja to drop a mixtape from the label. This mixtape includes songs like 2Mirrors, Seeing Different, Sippin On Sizzurp and many more... Featuring Gangsta Boo, Mr. Shank, VDotNam, Tricc, The Real YungN & JO. Be on the look out for Crazy's debut album "Crazy-N-Insane" and sophomore mixtape with Da Season's Vet entitled "Crazy6Nam". Thanks 4 Da Support!

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Official mixtape from Lifeless Immortal before the release of The Retne Effect: Gatewayz & Portalz album. Features artists like BucWild (of the Manson Family), Kott'N (of Welcome 2 Thowd Town) and many more.

DJ Vietnam & Lifeless Immortal
Gods N Kingz

Sequel installation of the Detroit Bad Boyz series. Hosted by Swifty McVay (of D12). Featuring the hottest from Detroit (313) Motor City "MoTown".

DJ Vietnam x WuWorldwide x SUPADJs
Detroit Bad Boyz 2

Another classic from the inspiration of the movie "Hustle & Flow". Co-Hosted by the Memphis OG, Skinny Pimp.

Kingpin Skinny Pimp x DJ Vietnam
Gangsta & A Pimp