From the dark side of Lifeless Immortal, comes the sequel to Vietnam's famous Three6Nam series, which this time the 7Star General, V Dot Nam, had to bring in one of the newest artists from Lifeless Immortal, CrazyMF-C. Crazy6Nam gets you ready for the debut release of the "Crazy-N-Insane" LP. On this mixtape, North Carolina, Detroit and Memphis links up to . Also this project contains the keys to the 4377 Raizahz gateway. Listen to Crazy6Nam as it takes you into the mind of the mentally insane and dementedly twisted. Featuring artists like Lil Jack, Mr Plantem 4Wayz, Lord Infamous, Project Pat, Dee Boi and Koopsta Knicca; C6N brings brings back that hardcore underground rap sound into the mainstream industry. This new school classic is definitely a collector's item if you love Three 6 Mafia and horrorcore music. Portal opened up by V Dot Nam and CrazyMF-C, listen as this project take you to a place that you never knew existed. Before the release of North Carolina's LI Branch, 4377 Raizahz, we had to drop this on the true Immortal supporters. With Murdah Mindstate already out, this is the 2nd project that was added to CrazyMF-C's catalog.

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Official mixtape from Lifeless Immortal before the release of The Retne Effect: Gatewayz & Portalz album. Features artists like BucWild (of the Manson Family), Kott'N (of Welcome 2 Thowd Town) and many more.

DJ Vietnam & Lifeless Immortal
Gods N Kingz

Sequel installation of the Detroit Bad Boyz series. Hosted by Swifty McVay (of D12). Featuring the hottest from Detroit (313) Motor City "MoTown".

DJ Vietnam x WuWorldwide x SUPADJs
Detroit Bad Boyz 2

Another classic from the inspiration of the movie "Hustle & Flow". Co-Hosted by the Memphis OG, Skinny Pimp.

Kingpin Skinny Pimp x DJ Vietnam
Gangsta & A Pimp